Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pennsylvania Spurs Renewable Energy Development

Pennsylvania Edward RendellPennsylvania Governor Edward Rendell signed energy legislation this week into law that will save families and small businesses money on their energy bills by supporting investments in energy conservation and efficiency.

The governor said these kinds of investments are important today because consumers who now find it difficult to pay for gasoline, diesel fuel, natural gas and heating oil will only face greater financial hardship when the generation rate caps that have held electricity prices in check since the mid-1990s expire, leading to double-digit rate increases.
“Families are having to make the difficult decision of whether or not to stay in their homes because they can barely afford to fill up their gas tank or go to the grocery store where higher energy prices have pushed up the price of food,” said Governor Rendell. “Likewise, businesses are questioning whether or not to shut their doors because it costs so much to keep the lights on and the machines running. "
The governor also outlined new strategic investments that will spur billions of dollars in new, private economic development projects from alternative energy companies and early stage businesses that will create thousands of jobs in a rapidly growing industry.
“Pennsylvania has established itself as leader in developing and deploying clean renewable energy resources,” said the Governor, citing some of the world’s leading businesses that now call Pennsylvania home, like Conergy, Gamesa and Iberdrola. “However, the $1 billion in private investment that has flowed into Pennsylvania and the 3,000 jobs we’ve created in the renewable energy industry only begin to scratch the surface of our potential."
So while another governor looks to limit fuel supply which will cause even higher food and fuel prices (here and here) Pennsylvania is actively working to build a strong and vibrant renewable energy industry.

Source: PA Governor's Website

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