Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Massachusetts Gov. Patrick Signs Bill Promoting Advanced Biofuels

Massachusetts Governor Deval PatrickMassachusetts Governor Deval Patrick this week signed the Clean Energy Biofuels Act that significantly encourages the growth of an advanced biofuels industry in the Commonwealth.

The new legislation gives preferential tax treatment to non-corn-based alternatives to ethanol, requires biofuel content in all the diesel and home heating fuel sold in the state, and proposes a new fuel standard for the region that will encourage a range of emissions-reducing technologies for cars and trucks.
“The world is waiting for the next generation of clean, renewable alternatives to petroleum fuels, and Massachusetts is poised to deliver,” said Governor Patrick. “This new law will help us develop advanced biofuels and get them to market, without driving up food prices. We want these new fuels in our tanks and these new jobs in our economy here in Massachusetts.”
Biofuels are substitutes for liquid petroleum fuels (such as gasoline, diesel, and heating oil) that are derived from renewable organic matter such as corn, soy, switchgrass, agricultural waste, wood, and waste vegetable oil. “Advanced” biofuels are generally derived from non-food-based feedstocks and defined in federal law as those that yield a lifecycle reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of at least 50 percent compared with fossil fuels.

Source: Mass. Governor Patrick

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