Sunday, July 6, 2008

First Central Florida E85 Station Opens

Florida Governor Charlie Crist E85 ethanolFlorida Governor Charlie Crist announced this week that the first station in Central Florida to offer E85 ethanol for sale to the motoring public has opened in the Florida’s Turnpike Turkey Lake Service Plaza.

While there are more than 500,000 flex-fuel vehicles traveling on Sunshine State roadways, before today’s announcement, the only E85 fueling stations were in Tallahassee and Miami.

The addition of the E85 pumps heralds an initiative to offer ethanol as an alternative fuel choice at three of the most-heavily visited service plazas located along the 312-mile Turnpike.

Recognizing that more alternative fuel vehicles are appearing on Florida’s highways, Governor Crist lauded the addition of ethanol as a responsible, renewable fuel choice for both commuters and the millions of visitors who travel the Turnpike to reach their vacation destinations.

The Turnpike service plazas at Port St. Lucie/Ft. Pierce and Pompano will add ethanol later this summer.
“The rising cost of gasoline is affecting Floridians’ driving decisions, so it makes sense for us to offer a viable alternative,” said Governor Crist. “It makes even more sense to offer travelers the opportunity to choose ethanol and reduce their greenhouse-gas emissions.”
Governor Crist also applauded the Florida Department of Transportation's role in helping state government lead by example. About one-third of the Turnpike’s motor vehicle pool is comprised of flex fuel vehicles.

On July 13, 2007, Governor Crist signed three executive orders to reduce Florida’s greenhouse gas emissions, increase energy efficiency, and remove market barriers for renewable energy technologies such as solar and wind energy.

Since the executive orders were signed, Florida has stepped onto the world stage as a major marketplace for advanced energy technologies.

Source: Florida Governor's Office

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