Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fat is Beautiful

Fat is Beautiful. And now it's also profitable. At least according to this USAToday article.

As America looks to a bright future of biofuels, researchers and industry are looking at multiple ways to create these fuels to run our cars and trucks in the future. And a variety of fats---animal and vegetable--- will be part of the solution.
"At least two biodiesel plants in Iowa have begun to make biodiesel from animal fat, along with at least five plants in other states, according to the National Biodiesel Board and plant operators."
Interestingly, Tyson, which has been a vocal critic against grain-based biofuels like ethanol, has seemingly endorsed such efforts:
"Bob Ames, senior director of commercialization for Tyson, the nationwide meat-processing company based in Springdale, Ark., says using animal fats to produce diesel helps clean the air while profiting farmers. "It's a pretty awesome recycling story." Ames and others say using fat for fuel lets livestock producers in on the biofuels boom."

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