Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Buying American Buys Freedom

Buy American flagMany Americans, shocked by the ever increasing price of foreign oil and the high level of foreign imports to the country, have begun to seek out and buy only American-made products.

Some call this "pocketbook patriotism". Others think it's just a good idea to keep jobs here at home and help the local and national economies. Many are still concerned with tainted imported food products, medicines and toys that have entered the country in recent years. While others don't seem to care at all.

But the reality is that foreign oil fueled a $711.6 billion trade deficit in 2007 according to the Commerce Department.

It's not easy buying Red, White and Blue. So if you want to buy American, where do you start?

One new website provides consumers with the information they need when looking to buy US-made products:
Still Made in the USA
As the price of foreign oil continues to climb to record levels, American wealth is transferring to oil-producing countries around the world. Our national security is at risk with every dollar that leaves our shores to hostile countries. And most developing nations are seeing their food money leave the country to pay the higher price for oil.

American-made biofuels offer motorists an American-made choice for their fuel too. Check out our lists of where you can buy biofuels in the US.

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