Tuesday, May 20, 2008

USDA Responds to Food and Fuel Critics

USDA Ed Schafer Food and FuelUSDA Secretary Ed Schafer said ethanol is not having a "major" impact on food prices, and dismissed recent efforts to repeal programs that promote biofuels.

Schafer told reporters at a USDA press conference Monday that demand for biofuels is having an impact on food prices, "but it is not a major factor."

He said there would be few benefits from changing the renewable fuels standard, reducing the tax credit for producing ethanol as proposed in the farm bill or ending the ethanol import tariff.

"The change in the renewable fuel standard, the change in tariff or duty isn't going to affect food prices," said Schafer. "We need to focus on things that will actually have an effect instead of a short-term political solution."


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