Thursday, October 25, 2007

Florida Launches Alternative Fuel Web Site

Farm to Fuel Food vs FuelMotorists using ethanol and biodiesel fuel have more reasons to celebrate using clean burning renewable fuels. Florida Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner Charles H. Bronson today announced that more facilities throughout the state are making these products available.

To help consumers locate stations offering alternative fuels in Florida, Bronson unveiled a new web site that provides locations statewide where E85, E10, biodiesel and biodiesel-blended fuels can be purchased. The web site is available HERE.

"This tool will enable motorists to locate renewable, cleaner burning fuels around the state," Bronson said in a news release. "I am very pleased that a number of facilities are now making these fuels available to the public, and we expect the number to continue growing."

E85, an alternative fuel comprised of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline, requires a flex-fuel vehicle. E10, gasoline blended with 10 percent ethanol, and biodiesel-blended fuels can be used in virtually any modern gasoline or diesel engine.

The Web site is the latest effort in Bronson's "Farm to Fuel Initiative," which is designed to ease both Florida and the nation's dependency on foreign oil and promote cleaner, renewable fuels by having Florida farmers grow fuel crops to support this production.

"Florida is well positioned to be a leader in this effort because of our available farmland and our mild climate," Bronson said. "The goal is to reduce the country's dependency on foreign oil, and at the same time to provide alternative crops that our farmers can grow to keep our agriculture industry viable."

Source: Florida Dept. of Agriculture

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Credit Repair Crew said...

While informing consumers where biofuels can be purchased is a laudable effort on the part of the state, there is so much more the state can do to make clean air in Florida a reality much sooner. All stations will provide clean fuels if it can be provided at a reasonable profit (equal or greater than that for gasoline) and there are consumers that can use it. Tax credits of 50% or more should be provided to car owners to convert their cars to run on E85. These conversions can be done for $250-$1500 depending on the manufacturer and installer. Many people would get the conversions done if the state would split the tab. The increased demand for the conversions will encourage competition to supply the conversions that will enable people to purchase clean fuels. Simultaneously, Florida should mandate that all MSW suitable for conversion to clean fuels must be delivered to a clean fuel manufacturing facility. Similar mandates should be issued for wood waste, tires and all agricultural waste. Biofuel manufacturers can produce fuel cheaply enough for gasoline distributors to maintain profit margins selling E85 while providing consumers a clean fuel for less money than gasoline (per unit of energy). There are companies available to provide these fuels today. I know of at least one. Let Florida place an emphasis on creating incentives to use the fuel---while maintaining incentives for biofuel companies to make it and fuel distributors companies to provide it.