Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The NY Times, The Oil Patch's Faithful Cheerleader, Trashes Ethanol

Raymond Learsy, a blogger at Huffington Post, has an intering essay this week on the The New York Times' recent attacks on ethanol.

In it, he highlights the orchestrated campaign against weaning us from the grips of Big Oil:
  • The New York Times "standing shoulder to shoulder together with Hugo Chavez" and "bashing ethanol, happy to undermine ethanol's growing challenge to oil's perfidious hegemony over our lives."
  • Cherry picking their references in order to present us with an array of always impressionable and emotionally charged buzz words cautioning that growing corn and biodiesel feedstocks is "threatening natural habitats and imposing other environmental costs."
  • Warnings of a looming food-fuel tradeoff.
He concludes that "It is clear that the "oiligopoly" and their allies such as the New York Times will do all they can to deflect our focus and confuse our goals to divest ourselves from our dependence on fossil fuels."

It's interesting to note that on the day the NY Times admitted to failings with their Moveon.org's General Petraeus ad display, their blog resumed yet another attack on ethanol with "Corn Ethanol: Biofuel or Biofraud".

Seems to us that that the New York Times is betraying the American public by keeping us tied to hostile, foreign oil.

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