Saturday, September 8, 2007

Ethanol, Tortillas and the Ol' Gray Lady

The New York Times on its "Wheels" blog published a post this week that provoked discussions regarding ethanol and food for fuel. The post, "Ethanol and the Tortilla Tax" contributed by Jerry Garret, trotted out many of the worn-out myths seen in the media over the past few months. We really expected better from the ol' Gray Lady

Some of the more interesting misleading myths included citing only 1 report that advocated that ethanol is a "net energy loser" (see HERE for the ones that show it to be positive); that beer prices are rising due to corn ethanol (see HERE for the Denver Post's report that looked at the issue); and just for fun, the post's theme was that while we drive cars here in the US, poor Mexicans are rioting over tortilla prices (hmm, Mexican tortillas are from white corn, not yellow field corn).

But the clincher that showed Jerry had little to no knowledge of agriculture or even ethanol was that he "used to like plain ol' corn on the cob". Well, Jerry, that good ol' sweet corn is still there.

someone will be kind enough to send him a bushel of dried yellow #2 field corn from this year's harvest.


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