Tuesday, September 4, 2007

RFS Increases Renewable Fuels

Starting September 1, 2007, America will benefit from increased clean-burning renewable motor fuels like ethanol.

A national Renewable Fuel Standard Program, also known as an RFS Program, will requires oil companies and refiners to use increasing amounts of renewable fuels like ethanol in the nation’s fuel supply. The mandate will increase the volume of renewable fuel required to be blended into gasoline, starting with 4.0 billion gallons in calendar year 2006 and nearly doubling to 7.5 billion gallons by 2012.

Under the Energy Policy Act of 2005, the EPA is responsible for promulgating regulations to ensure that gasoline sold in the United States contains a minimum volume of renewable fuel.

American motorists have already benefited from the cleaner burning fuel that is helping to secure America's energy dependence and promote a cleaner environment.

More information regarding the new RFS standard is available at the Environmental Protection Agency, American Ethanol Coalition and the Renewable Fuels Association

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