Monday, September 10, 2007

Egypt Learns About US Grains

US media has been quick to jump on the "food vs fuel" debate but often without all of the facts. The corn ethanol process creates a co-product, Dried Distillers Grains (DDG) that can be used for animal feed.

Recently a delegation of Egyptian agriculture representatives learned more about DDGs while on a tour of the US sponsored by the US Grains Council.

Representatives of the Egyptian feed milling, aquaculture, dairy, beef cattle, water buffalo and poultry sectors, as well as a grain importer, received an in-depth look at DDG production, handling and use as they toured ethanol plants, a dairy operation and a grain loading facility. The team also learned about the nutrient composition of DDGs as well as the outlook for corn and ethanol prices.”

According to the Council, Egypt imported 58,000 metric tons of distillers grains in 2006.

The US Grains Council is a non-profit organization that promotes the exports of US grains and related products.

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