Saturday, September 1, 2007

E85 Goes Cellular

mobile phone cell phone ethanol telephone food vs fuel E85 E10Looking for E85 stations for your Flex Fuel Vehicle (FFV) while on the road? A new mobile service may just be the answer that can help.

The new site,, allows people using cell phones to insert the city, zip code or GPS coordinates of their current location and retrieve the driving directions and phone numbers of the five nearest E85 fueling stations.

In addition the site offers an interactive graphical tool, called the Biofuel Route Wizard, that provides the locations of all the ethanol pumps within 10 miles of a road-trip itinerary that users draw on a map of the United States.

“, coupled with our existing, delivers the first-of-its-kind unified web and mobile portal with the most comprehensive and up-to-date database of the two most popular alternative fuels” said Lisa Hull, VP and co-creator of She added, “We expect to be quite popular because of growing consumer awareness and interest in alternative fuels, as evidenced by sales of millions of Flex Fuel vehicles in the US.”

NearE85 staff have called each location for availability and included only stations with retail pumps. Store hours and payment options are included for user convenience. Furthermore, each location has been geocoded to the address level with over 200 manually placed on the map.

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