Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hillary Rodham Clinton Proposes a Strategic Energy Fund

Hillary Clinton Food vs. Fuel Ethanol EnergyFrom time to time over the past months, we've highlighted the presidential candidates positions on renewable fuels.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, currently a senator from New York and now running for President, has an inconsistent policy on renewable fuels. But this is presidential season and she has to appeal to voters outside of New York.

She has a proposed a energy policy on her campaign website HERE but here's a snippet that includes her renewable fuels plan:
Create a Strategic Energy Fund
Hillary has proposed a Strategic Energy Fund that would inject $50 billion into research, development and deployment of renewable energy, energy efficiency, clean coal technology, ethanol and other homegrown biofuels. Hillary’s proposal would give oil companies a choice: invest in renewable energy or pay into the fund. Hillary’s proposal would also eliminate oil company tax breaks and make sure that oil companies pay their fair share for drilling on public lands. Instead of sending billions of dollars to the Middle East for their oil, Hillary’s proposal will create a new clean energy industry in America and create tens of thousands of jobs here.
* Oh-- Just a reminder that we do not support or endorse any candidate. We're just highlighting key statements they make about national energy policy that includes renewable energy.

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