Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lung Association Supports E85 Ethanol

Renewable fuels such as ethanol have been shown to be clean-burning and are good for the environment, our nation's economy and for our national security.

Support for our energy independence is strong across the country, across party lines, economic and social classes. And that support is growing even stronger.

In this report from NBC affiliate KFYR-TV, the ND Lung Association supports E85 because of its benefits to clean air and clean lungs.
"With events like this, I just want one North Dakotan to choose E85 over gasoline and by doing that there are four tons of pollutants not going into our air," Valerie Kummer of the American Lung Association of North Dakota says.
The station also has a video with interviews with Lung Association officials explaining their positive position on ethanol. Click HERE for the video.

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