Thursday, October 18, 2007

When Oil Prices Rise, So Does Just About Everything Else

The Dallas Morning News reports it simply for consumers: Higher oil prices are affecting the things we buy.
"When oil gets expensive, everything gets expensive. Everything.
Think about it: Almost everything we consume must be transported in boats, planes, trains or trucks that run on petroleum-based fuel. And a lot of consumer goods – and their packaging – are made of petroleum-based plastics or chemicals."
Maybe tomorrow they'll report the sky is blue, the grass is green and the ocean is big.

But it's unusual that deep in oil country, a Texas paper is reporting such an easy-to-understand concept that the rest of America already understands. From the recent remarks by the US Ag Secretary to economic analysis, higher energy costs will continue to cause trouble for our economy. And its not just our food prices that are climbing due to higher energy costs.

So perhaps the ominous warning from the former CIA director that foreign oil poses our greatest threat to our security will help policymakers move us towards renewable fuels grown here in the USA.

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