Friday, October 12, 2007

The Time is Right to Work Together

NRDC Natural Resources Defense Council Renewable FuelsAs Americans, more unites us than divides us on most issues. And energy security, environmental issues and agricultural policy should really be no exception.

So it was encouraging to read a blog entry from Nathanael Greene with the Natural Resource Defense Council who laid out the issue that these interest groups face some common issues and opponents.

Some interesting highlights from Nathanael's blog:
  • Nathanael agrees with the acting secretary of agriculture that the impact of ethanol on food price-inflation is not as dire as some suggest.
  • The major force pushing back against any increased requirement for renewable fuels is the oil industry.
  • Between an increase in vehicle fuel economy standards, a renewable electric standard, and a potentially good renewable fuel standard, this year's energy bill has a lot of promise. We need to work hard to get it right, but we need to get it right.
  • The time is right for corn growers, the ethanol industry, and the green groups to work together on getting biofuels right.
Not every environmental groupie is a wacko opposed to owning more than 5 acres of land.

The challenge remains for America to build a stronger economy, including rural America, protect our national security through energy independence and preserve an environment for our children. Doesn't seem so hard if we can work together.

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