Friday, October 19, 2007

Students and Teachers Learn About Energy From New Weekly Reader Curriculum

General Motors and Weekly Reader are releasing a new classroom curriculum, "The Energy Highway - Solutions Ahead," that teachers can use to help students understand the energy challenges facing society today, as well as some of the existing and future alternatives that may help alleviate these issues. It is available online at

"It's nearly impossible to pick up a newspaper today without reading an article on the environment or alternative energy," said Terry Bromberg, president, Weekly Reader Custom Publishing. "We are able to teach students about these relevant topics with current statistics and information that are years from making it into science textbooks. It's great to provide such needed resources to the educational community."

Curricular objectives include:
  • Help students consider the current issues surrounding energy today, including increasing global energy demand and environmental and economic impacts
  • Explore ways to help reduce petroleum consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by using diverse and renewable energy resources
  • Explore ways to conserve energy and become more energy efficient
  • Demonstrate the benefits of using renewable energy resources to produce electricity and hydrogen as energy carriers that offer the greatest diversity and lowest environmental impact
Source: General Motors and Weekly Reader

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