Monday, October 8, 2007

Hybrid Flex Fuel Vehicles Offer Breakthrough

Can America really break its addiction to foreign oil? Well it's certainly not going to be easy. So it's encouraging to see that innovative technology breakthroughs are happening.

Two great innovations—hybrid-electric and flex fuel technologies—have come together in one vehicle, which represents a technological breakthrough for vehicle transportation.

Why is this so special? Hybrid vehicles you see on the road today mostly run on gasoline, but they use an electric motor to improve fuel economy.

This hybrid fuel vehicle has an added benefit. In place of gasoline, it can run on a fuel blend that's made from a domestic renewable resource—it's 85% ethanol. By combining flex fuel with a hybrid engine, we can use a clean, renewable fuel and get more miles per gallon at the same time.

The combination of biofuels and innovative vehicle technologies will help further the goal of replacing 20% of our gasoline consumption by 2017.

The Department of Energy has a new video on the subject available online. Watch the video HERE

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