Saturday, May 24, 2008

Oprah Goes Vegan

Oprah WinfreyOprah is going vegan. At least as part of her 21-day cleansing for "healthy wellness". Oprah announced her latest fad on a show earlier this week.

As part of her new regime, she's giving up everything that contains:
  • Caffeine
  • Sugar
  • Alcohol
  • Gluten
  • Animal products
All of these nasty things are unhealthy according to her new diet guru, Kathy Freston, a personal growth and spiritual counselor.
So what's left to eat? "Everything that is so healthy," Kathy says. "I say if you can give up a few things for the period of the cleanse, your body will learn to regenerate and produce the brain chemicals it needs, lose the taste addictions it has."
Oprah's also started a blog to tell the world about her new ability to thrive on lentil soup, lettuce leaves and cucumbers.

Going vegan must not be totally good for business. She still hawks recipes for carnivore diets in her magazine. And the last time she tangled with the meat industry, she declared she had "No Beef with Beef" (CNN).

Source: Oprah

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1 comment:

Bill Anderson said...

Never trust any "diet" person who tells you sugar is bad and that avoiding sugar is good. Virtually (if not) all foods have sugar. Life runs, essentially, on sugars. Fruit? Sugar. Vegetables? Most of them have sugar too.