Saturday, February 2, 2008

Dole Harvests with Biodiesel

Dole Biodiesel BiofuelDole Food Company, Inc. announced this week that it has converted all of its harvesting equipment in California and in Arizona over to B20 Biodiesel fuel.

Biodiesel fuel is a domestic renewable fuel for diesel engines derived from natural oils.

According to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Biodiesel is the first and only alternative fuel to have a complete evaluation of emission results and potential health effects submitted to the U.S. EPA under the Clean Air Act Section 211 (b).
Kevin Fiori, Dole's Senior Vice President Agriculture Operations said "being good stewards of the environment is very important to Dole and this includes reducing emissions and using alternative sources of energy." Dole has been testing B20 Bio Diesel since August in farm equipment and off road vehicles with very positive results.
Mr. Fiori also commented that "those of us in agriculture, who depend on the environment, land, water, and air quality to grow foods, are keenly aware of the importance of applying sustainable agricultural practices."
Dole Food Company is the world’s largest producer and marketer of high-quality fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, and fresh-cut flowers with revenues of $6.2 billion a year and over 75,000 employees worldwide.

Source: Dole

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Dr Hil said...

Great post. Although the benefits of biodiesel are well known, it is still dangerous to use food based products as resources for biodiesel, until the agriculture will develped to highly increase the production ability of biodiesel resources.

Michael A. Gregory said...

Most biodiesel in this country is made from soybean oil. Soybeans are grown for their protein content to be used as animal feed and the oil has historically been a low value byproduct.