Tuesday, February 5, 2008

USDA Promotes Green Products

USDA Biobased Products cornThe US Federal government is the largest purchaser of items in the world. And so how it operates can make a profound impact upon the environment and the economy.

One way the USDA is doing this is by purchasing and promoting items which come from renewable, agricultural, marine and forest products. And theese USDA's efforts help to improve the environment and stimulate the economy by reducing or eliminating oil-based products.

In this video report (windows media), the USDA highlights its efforts to reduce products made from foreign oil and oil in general and promote biobased products.

More information on the USDA BioPreferred program can be found HERE and HERE.

The USDA has a online catalog and a corn-based database is also available from the corn growers:
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Michael A. Gregory said...

The United Soybean Board also has list of products made from soybeans.

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