Friday, February 15, 2008

Oil Industry Launches PR Effort

Big Oil PR Campaign Gas Gasoline Inflation EconomyApparently, Big Oil feels it is misunderstood. So they are going to help change your mind.

The public must not think oil is a renewable, cleaner burning fuel that's good for the environment, reduces our dependence upon foreign countries and improves our American economy. Oh wait, that's NOT oil!

In this article from the West Virginia State Journal, a representative from the American Petroleum Institute (API) describes its new effort at shaping public opinion:
Now an organization that represents the industry has launched a program aimed at clearing up misconceptions about the industry."There are a lot of stereotypes about our industry," said Denise McCourt of the American Petroleum Institute.

"We blame ourselves. We haven't done the job we've needed to do."
So look out, that big sucking sound you here coming is Big Oil's PR machine.

Source: The State Journal

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