Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Golden Grenade Award Goes To...

hand grenade food vs fuel grocery manufacturers association ethanol silver bulletSometimes people really say the dumbest things. So in honor of the Academy Awards today, we're launching our own award for the day.

Dumbest Analogy in the Food and Fuel Debate:
And the award goes to Scott Faber of the Grocery Manufacturers Association.

In a recent USA Today article, it's clear that the GMA is opposed to the energy legislation that the bi-partisan congress and the President agreed to late last year:
"This is a mandate that would make Stalin blush," Scott Faber, vice president of federal affairs for the Grocery Manufacturers Association, says of the energy bill. "Ethanol is seen in the minds of some very smart and some very powerful legislators as a silver bullet. It's not a silver bullet, it's a hand grenade."
Seems to us that dismissing alternative energy policy in such a manner ignores the factual cost and benefits of renewable fuels. And its limited impact on consumer food prices. And the whole hand grenade analogy just strikes us as being really, really dumb.

We're really waiting to see if GMA will ever really discuss the cost impact of higher oil costs and world-wide demand rather than blaming corn ethanol for every price hike, real or imagined.

Maybe that's a land mine Scott and the GMA don't want to touch?

Source:USA Today

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1 comment:

Michael A. Gregory said...

The scary part though is that the strategy may be brilliant because once the Grocery Manufacturers Association gets everyone to believing that ethanol is to blame they can raise prices without fear of backlash against them.