Friday, January 18, 2008

Safeway Upgrades to Biodiesel

Safeway Food Fuel BiodieselThe supermarket chain Safeway announced this week in Denver that it is converting its entire truck fleet to the cleaner burning fuel Biodiesel.

The company is switching over its entire nationwide fleet to B20, a biodiesel blend of 20 percent biodiesel and 80 petroleum diesel. The company had already converted some of its fleet in California and Arizona.

Safeway claims converting its entire fleet will do away with 75 million tons of carbon emissions. That's the about the same as removing 7,400 cars off the nation's highways.Biodiesel clean renewable domestic

Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter applauded Safeway's conversion of its national trucking fleet to cleaner-burning biodiesel.
"The future of our country depends on the private sector and companies like Safeway demonstrating leadership around how we consume energy"
The governor went on to explain that Safeway's conversion of its truck fleet was a great example of private industry taking a sustainable approach that's good for our economic security, our environmental security and our energy security.

Source: Colorado Governors Office

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