Friday, February 8, 2008

Energy Bar Bus Takes a Bite Out of Climate Change

Clif Bar biodiesel veggie van save our snow energy barCLIF(R) BAR is firing up its vegetable oil-powered Vixen RV and heading for the hills this February and March for its second annual "Save Our Snow" Winter Roadtrip.

Hitting ski slopes and nearby universities in Washington, Colorado, California and Oregon, the Roadtrip will meet boarders and skiers on their home turf to talk about climate change.

The "Save Our Snow" Winter Roadtrip is part of CLIF BAR's nationwide Natural Energy Tour Series and shares ideas on how small changes in a person's choice of food and transportation can help prevent global warming and protect the places where they love to play.
"This Roadtrip is about making a one-on-one connection with winter sports fans where they live and where they play," said Ricardo Balazs, sports marketing manager for CLIF BAR. "Heading into our second year, we're seeing more and more snowboarders in particular who are embracing environmental preservation, not just as a way to protect the snowpack, but as a bigger lifestyle choice."
CLIF BAR's winter sports program last year offset a total benefit of an estimated 2,656 tons of greenhouse gas emissions (or 7.4 million pounds) through the use of a van running on vegetable oil during the winter season and sponsorship of resort offset programs. This equates to not driving 5.3 million miles using petroleum fuel.

To see what the CLIF BAR "Save Our Snow" Winter Roadtrip is all about, click on this link to view a short trailer for the 2007 tour:

For more information about the CLIF BAR "Save Our Snow" Winter Roadtrip, please visit

Source: Clif Bar & Company

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