Saturday, February 23, 2008

New Ethanol Blender Pumps Unveiled

gilbarco ethanol flex fuelThis week Gilbarco introduced the industry’s first alternative fuel blending dispensers.

Designed to blend ethanol or biodiesel with standard fuels, the new blenders have Weights & Measures approvals.

With access to cost effective supplies of alternative fuel feedstock, this product provides fuel station owners with the ability to add flexibility to their operation while improving site profitability and helping the environment.

“The new ethanol blenders are going to provide opportunities for more retailers to sell alternative fuels,” said Brian Beggs of Walt’s Petroleum Service in Schofield, Wisconsin. “Greater availability will also make it easier and more convenient for consumers to find and use ethanol.”

Gilbarco is in the process of obtaining U.L. approval for up to E85 and will submit for approval of biodiesel when a U.L. specification is issued.

Source: Gilbarco


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