Wednesday, February 13, 2008

GM Asks "What's Next?"

GM General Motors E85 Ethanol GMnextWhat should power the world's vehicles in 20 years? How can personal transportation become more sustainable in an age of increasing global competition for resources? What role will the automotive industry play in developing markets?

Decisions on issues like these will largely shape transportation in the 21st century. To speed the process, GM will mark its 100th anniversary by launching a global dialogue through an initiative called GMnext.
"We're starting our second century at a time of fundamental change in the auto industry," said GM Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner. "We'll use GMnext to introduce some of our ideas for addressing critical issues concerning energy, the environment and globalization. In the process, we also hope to spark a broader, global discussion on these important topics."
To initiate that dialogue, GMnext will spotlight GM’s introduction of next‐generation vehicles and technologies, including new applications of the E‐Flex drive system and continued work on GM’s line of Plug‐In and Two‐Mode hybrids.

Source: GMnext

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