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Food and Fuel Quiz, April 6, 2008

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Weekly Trivia Quiz, April 6, 2008

How good are you at Food and Fuel trivia for the week? Try our new weekly trivia quiz. Answers and scoring below the questions. Post your scores in the comments. Good luck!

1. Which state's new law will offer grants for E85 fuel pumps?

2. Big Oil execs were invited to testify before Congress concerning prices, profits and alternatives. In which House Committee did they endure their questioning? a) the Armed Services b) Natural Resources c) Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming

3. The US Congress quizzed Big Oil on their continued need for how much in special tax breaks? a) none b) $18 million c) $18 Billion

4. Time Magazine failed to present a balanced view with biofuel benefits and impact of an oil economy. According the Lung Association of the Upper Midwest, "did" or "did not" Time quote a single supporter of the cleaner-burning fuel in their cover article?

5. What did Rep. Markey think Americans might hope was just an elaborate hoax a) Big Oil's resistance to biofuels b) Big Oil's excessive profits c) soaring gas prices

6. Gasoline prices jumped another 3 cents this week. What is the average cost of gasoline in America per gallon this week?

Time's anti-biofuel article mentioned a UN food expert's dramatic condemnation of biofuel production but failed to mention that the UN Food and Agriculture Organization almost immediately distanced itself from the remarks. The head of the UN Food Program recently noted that were three things were big factors contributing to the high cost of food around the globe. Name them.

8. Under intense questioning by Rep. Herseth Sandlin, what didn't the Big Oil executives have available for the committee?

9. What percentage is US energy consumption expected to jump by 2030?

10. What factor besides weather, demand, and input costs are causing egg prices to increase?


Earn 10 points for each correct answer.

100 points : Food and Fuel Champ
80-90 points : Great! Keep it up.
60-70 points : Good, but you can do better.
10 - 50 points : Need to visit the site more often
0 points : Are you working for Big Oil?


1. Indiana
2. c) Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming
3. $18 Billion
4. Did Not
5. c) Soaring Gas Prices
6. $3.29 per gallon
7. Higher energy costs, erratic weather and low stocks
8. Independent analysis that backed up their claims that corn was increasing food costs versus the cost of energy to produce and transport food
9. 50%
10. Stricter humane egg production guidelines causing reduced number of chickens and higher costs

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Michael A. Gregory said...

90 once again. Number 7 got me this time.