Monday, April 21, 2008

GM CEO: Automotive Energy is a Challenge

General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner China BiofuelsFueling an increasing world is an energy and environmental challenge according to the General Motors Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner

In China for the Beijing Auto Show he spoke at the opening of a new research center :
“Automotive energy is one of the core energy and environmental challenges facing our world today.” said Wagoner.
He also went on to discuss the need to find alternative fuels:
The extraordinary growth in emerging markets is helping to drive the need to develop robust alternatives to the world’s almost-complete reliance on oil.”
Wagoner was also quoted by the Detroit News as saying that politician's blaming ethanol for rising food prices are "shockingly uninformed" and that higher fuel costs are a much bigger factor.

Source: General Motors

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O/T (sorry) but, I'm having a devil of a time finding the latest information on corn, and soybean exports. Can you help? Thanks.