Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fuel Prices Fuel Pain at the Pumps

high gas prices food fuel ethanolThe rising price of gasoline continues to take its toll on motorists at the pumps again.

The average price for gasoline increased nearly 10 cents to $3.603 per gallon. This is up over 63 cents from a year ago at this time.

So what does this mean to consumers? Consider this "fuel vs. food" fact, filling up with 18 gallons for a year at 63 cents more per gallon is $590. That's 150 gallons of milk or 150 boxes of corn flakes or over 150 pounds of ground beef. The rising price of fuel means less money, less food and essentials for millions of hard working Americans.

Diesel prices were up as well, rising over 3 cents to $4.177 per gallon, up an astonishing $1.366 from last year.

Source: Department of Energy

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

dear sir its not very amazing thing that gas price is increasing. here at home in Pakistan we get low octain low grade fuel at rs.70 per liter 1/4 of a gallon and 1 Doller is equal to Rs.65 [Pakistani currency]. yet no effect on car driving population as there are more cars equipped with CNG Compressed Natural Gas Since 1999
now it is good to switch to alternate resources and using home resources opening the capped oil wells in ur holeland
God Bless The World. Peace for All!