Sunday, December 16, 2007

Governors Call for Improving Alternative Fuels and Clean Vehicles in States

national governors association alternative energy ethanolAs part of the National Governors Association's (NGA) Securing a Clean Energy Future Initiative, governors joined together last week in Florida to discuss advancing alternative fuels and clean vehicles in the United States.

NGA Chair Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty opened the summit by stating,

"America is the world’s leading consumer of petroleum, using more than 7.6 billion barrels of oil a year, of which more than 60 percent is imported. If we’re to wrestle back control of our own energy future, America must devote serious attention to increasing development of alternative fuels and clean vehicles. As this conference demonstrates, governors are leading the way."

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist added, "As we work together, I am confident that by increasing our use of ethanol – as well as solar power and wind energy – we move closer to making clean energy the standard of the day."

At a press conference following their discussion, the governors released the Initiative’s "A Call to Action (pdf)," a report declaring America’s current energy path unacceptable because of escalating economic risk and serious environmental consequences. The report compels the nation’s governors to act now to solve America’s energy challenges by:

  • Defining the current energy problem, including the depths of our current dependence on oil and other fossil fuels;
  • Painting a stark picture of the "business as usual" future;
  • Dispelling myths associated with increasing alternative energy sources, breaking our oil addiction, meeting surging electricity demand, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Describing the integral role states will play in promoting clean energy; and
  • Presenting the Initiative’s roadmap to a cleaner, more secure energy future for America.
Source: National Governors Association

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