Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pioneering Oregon Biofuels Company Honored

oregon governors awardA pioneering Oregon company, SeQuential Biofuels, is among the recipients of the prestigious Oregon Governor’s Gold Awards.

Governor Ted Kulongoski presented the award to SeQuential founder Tomas Endicott and CEO Dave Garten on December 7, 2007, at the Oregon Convention Center.

SeQuential, founded in 2002, sells a number various biofuel blends which include ethanol and biodiesel. The company's efforts are credited for improving the environment, decreasing dependence upon foreign energy and improving the local economy.

Other 2007 award recipients include: Gerding Edlen Development Company, LLC; Doc and Connie Hatfield, Founders, Oregon Country Natural Beef; COL (Ret.) Scott McCrae, Director, Oregon Army National Guard Reintegration Team; and, Cycle Oregon.

The Governors Gold Awards event benefits Special Olympics Oregon, a unique organization serving Special Olympics athletes statewide since 1972.

Source: Governor's Gold Award

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Anonymous said...

The US Congress drills for energy in the human food supply, and then smiles as if it has done a good thing! Bush, in effect, tells a starving world, *Let them eat biofuel!*

Every concerned American needs to support the *Food Supply and Climate Preservation Act*

1 Repeals all Federal mandates, subsidies, and tax breaks for the production of biofuels, and bars States from setting their own regulations for the content of gasoline and diesel fuel.

2 Outlaws any commercial sale of ethanol transportation fuel or biodiesel that is made from edible crops, or that contains environmentally dangerous chemicals such as MTBE.

3 Mandates Federally approved formulations for premium and regular grade gasoline and for diesel fuel that are to be used all year round without change. This will eliminate the high cost of producing a myriad of fuel mixtures that change with the seasons, and which cost consumers billions of dollars every year.

4 Commits funds to research potential future use of biofuels that meet the following criteria.

a - Do not use edible crops as a base.
b - Do not require vast amounts of land to produce.
c - Do not emit large amounts of greenhouse gases during cultivation or manufacture.
d - Fuels must produce at least 5 times more energy than they take to grow and manufacture.

[Note: The only biofuel crop currently under research that has any hope of meeting the needed criteria for safety and effectiveness is algae, due to its fantastically fast growth rate. Viable algae based biodiesel production schemes are still in the science speculation stage, however.]

5 Commits the United States to begin building 500 new nuclear power plants to produce at least 800,000 megawatts of electricity.

6 Commits funds to create a reasonable pathway for the use of hydrogen fuel in automobiles, trucks, aircraft, and ships within a specified time limit.

7 Creates a national goal to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and funds research into ways to sequester carbon, thus reducing the amount of carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere.

8 Allows for the immediate drilling for oil in the Alaskan ANWR oil reserve to ease the high cost of fuel until national hydrogen fuel capability is achieved. All new Federal revenues from the sale of ANWR oil are to be used to help fund the switchover to a nuclear-hydrogen economy.

The Food Supply and Climate Preservation Act admits that the United States Government made a terrible mistake in mandating the use of biofuels, which have caused food price hyperinflation and have put into jeopardy our absolutely essential basic human food supply. The aim of this new legislation is to lower the cost of food for all human beings on planet earth. With a world population of over 6.6 billion people, food, not transportation is the highest priority for anyone who cares about the welfare of their fellow human beings.

For the full biofuel story, see "The biofuel hoax is causing a world food crisis!" at:

Christopher Calder