Sunday, December 2, 2007

Rand Graduate School's Support of Ethanol

With oil prices at an all-time high, it's worthwhile to look at how alternative fuels such as ethanol can play an important role in America's energy security.

The following is a clip from a commentary written by John Graham, dean of the Frederick S. Pardee Rand Graduate School, and originally published in the Washington Times:
With some cynicism, critics suggest advocating ethanol is nothing more than extra “pork” for farmers, since ethanol is typically made from farm products. Yet we should reject such cynicism. The real issue is whether ethanol is the most promising alternative for the foreseeable future, and the weight of the evidence suggests it is.

While some energy is consumed making ethanol, the net effect of ethanol on energy security and environmental protection is significantly beneficial. Ethanol also has a decided advantage over other fuels because it can be readily integrated into the existing transportation and energy infrastructure. The other alternatives, such as hydrogen-powered cars, are likely to be costlier than ethanol even with substantial government subsidies.
Graham holds a chair in policy analysis at the Rand Corp. He previously served in the White House Office of Management and Budget, and earlier headed the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis.

Source: Frederick S. Pardee Rand Graduate School / Commentary

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