Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008 Predictions and Resolutions

happy new year food and fuel americaFoodandFuelAmerica.com has had a great first year in 2007. With tens of thousands of visitors and hundreds of thousands of pages viewed, we're up for another year of postings on food and fuel issues. And we hope you all will stay with us for 2008.

crystal ball food and fuel America predictions 2008We're getting out our crystal ball and making some predictions and some resolutions for the year.

Oil Cost Crisis - High oil prices will continue to dominate the news and affect the American economy during 2008. From food to clothes to entertainment, high oil costs will impact the economy yet again straining budgets, pocketbooks and goodwill of men. With Peak Oil and Peak-Lite looming, tyrannical dictators and cartels controlling the world-price of oil, prices over $150 a barrel may well be in our future during the year. So it won't be too much of a surprise if some areas of the country see $5.00 a gallon gasoline.

Presidential Elections - Energy independence will be a major focus during the campaign for President in 2008. With geopolitical implications, America's dependence upon foreign oil from hostile sources will provide fodder for all candidates. Some candidates may stake their success on alternative energy sources such as wind, solar and renewable fuels.

Renewed Attacks on Ethanol -After stunning defeats in Congress in December of 2007, critics of renewable fuels like ethanol made from corn and cellulosic materials will be gearing up for an all-out fight in 2008. What they couldn't do through legislation, they'll attempt to "fix" in regulations, media myths and public opinion.


Post on a Regular Basis - Although we tried to post at least one story each day, we didn't always make it. So, we vow to get a post up each day. And maybe even two or even three!

Offer a Variety of Renewable and Biobased Stories - Most of our stories in 2007 centered on presenting a balanced view on ethanol, food costs and corn production. But we're starting to see a need for covering a wider path including biodiesel, cellulosic and other alternative fuels. We resolve to help balance the discussions on these food and fuel issues too.

Encourage a Variety of Energy Saving Ideas - Encouraging alternative fuels is just one part of a total solution for America's energy independence. So we'll strive to include articles on reducing energy, innovative technologies, and other energy sources that help to save fuel and reduce dependence upon oil.

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