Monday, January 28, 2008

Hot Rod Secret: E85 is a High Performance Fuel

Hot Rod E85 Ethanol High performance FuelWhat's the biggest secret to high-performing Hot Rod cars?

It's E85 Ethanol.

Critics of alternative fuels, especially ethanol, often attempt to portray them as inferior to fossil-fuel gasoline.

But true auto buffs, from Indy 500 racers to back-yard Hot Rodders know the real secret: E85 Ethanol is a high-performance fuel. We've covered several stories here at Food and Fuel America that discussed the performance of the fuel, including Karl Jacob's E85 Viper Speed Record, Greg Poe's Flying with Ethanol, and the Indy 500.

So it was nice to see a well known racing magazine look at the fuel too. Hot Rod magazine has an article, What You Need to Know About E85 Ethanol Alternative Fuel, that covers the high performance of E85 ethanol.

And what does Hot Rod think about ethanol?
"We get to bypass all the left-wing poppycock and right-wing folderol and focus on this issue solely as it relates to hot rodding. The bottom line here is that ethanol looks like a pretty darn good performance fuel."
The article is geared toward hot rod enthusiasts, but it covers E85 performance, technical challenges, fuel grades and even cost and availability.

Finally, it concludes with this endorsement of E85, even if it is "environmental fuel", that ethanol really performs:
While we promised we weren't going to go there, it appears that the political winds are shifting toward a permanent commitment to ethanol fuels. Funny, isn't it? Usually when environmental and social issues arise involving cars, hot rodders get to take it right in the neck. Not this time. Here the green solution may be the ideal performance solution as well.
Source: Hot Rod

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1 comment:

JayTea said...

Yep! E85 increases the performance of my Chevy Avalanche, I can feel it when I press the pedal... much smoother accelleration. Makes it easier to enter the IH-35 on-ramp!

I wasn't expecting a performance boost but I noticed it almost immediately after I started using E85 almost 2 years ago.