Saturday, January 5, 2008

Iowa Governor Calls for Commitment to Ethanol and Biodiesel

Iowa Governor Chet Culver Ethanol Food vs Fuel BiodieselWith the first-in the country caucus for the presidential race and as the nation’s leading biofuels producer, with more than 30% of America’s ethanol and 20% of its biodiesel produced within the state, Iowa has been the focus of media attention.

Iowa is a geographically-centered state that might well represent the nation as a whole. So what happens in Iowa should have others paying attention. And the record price of oil is probably on many Iowans' minds this week as it shot up past the $100 mark.

Iowa Governor Chet Culver recently discussed oil prices reaching $100/barrel:
“Today, the price of oil reached $100 per-barrel for the first time. While this unfortunate milestone is not surprising, it is now more important than ever to renew our commitment to ethanol and biodiesel.
“Now is the time for our nation to cut our dependence on foreign oil and embrace innovative, clean-burning and American-made forms of energy. “Produced here in the heartland of the nation from the crops that feed the world, ethanol and other biofuels are helping Americans meet the energy challenges we face. As the nation’s number one producer of ethanol and the second-leading producer of biodiesel, we stand ready to do our part here in Iowa. “I call on Iowans and Americans to help reduce the price of energy by using ethanol and biodiesel, and together I know we can create a brighter, cleaner and more energy secure future for everyone.”
Source: State of Iowa

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