Sunday, January 27, 2008

Critics Ignoring Success of Ethanol?

Autoline Detroit John McElroy ethanol E85(Helpful readers send us some really good stuff everyday. So thanks to Steve in LA for this real nugget.)

John McElroy, the host of Autoline Detroit has an essay at AutoBlog worth reading, The Breakthrough We've Been Waiting For?

His chief point is the anti-ethanol chorus nearly drowned out the story on General Motors' investment in Coskata. The GM partnership will drive the ethanol-from-waste technology and help to make ethanol an even more affordable fuel. John thinks the partnership deserved much more attention from the media than it received. And he also realizes he's not making friends with the ethanol critics:
I know that none of what I've written here will placate the anti-ethanol crowd. They continue to ignore Brazil's amazing success with this fuel and will do everything possible to prevent us from doing the same.
What we found most interesting was John's prediction on American's ability to change quickly in face of a real crisis:
But mark my words. If there is any kind of oil disruption, like if we start trading missiles with the Iranians in the Straits of Hormuz, there will be a stampede of Americans running to their local car dealers, banging on the doors, begging for flex-fuel vehicles that run on ethanol.
When we read about professional alarmists, with their pre-existing grudges against the world, hammering on renewable fuels, we wonder when they'll have solutions rather than press releases. Ethanol plays an important part in denting America's fuel needs.

Source: AutoBlog

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