Tuesday, January 15, 2008

E85 HUMMER HX Storms Detroit

GM HUMMER HX price cost E85 HALOWhich would you rather drive, a HALO Warthog or the HUMMER HX on your next off road adventure?

The HUMMER HX concept was unveiled at the 2008 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan this past weekend.

Maybe its just a coincidence that the HUMMER HX concept vehicle bears a striking resemblance to the assault vehicles in the successful HALO X-Box video games.

The HX is an E85 FlexFuel Vehicle that is backed by a six-speed automatic transmission. The transmission is teamed with the 4WD system to offer exceptional low-speed traction and crawling capability. Four-wheel-disc brakes provide confident stopping power.

The HX also offers an open-air driving experience via a pair of removable roof panels above the driver and front passenger, and a modular, removable rear roof assembly.

The HUMMER HX just proves E85 has power for all of your driving missions!

Since the HX is a concept vehicle, no production price has been established.

Source: General Motors

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