Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fuel the Change with New Ethanol Video Contest

fuel the change ethanol food vs fuelBudding Steven Spielbergs can show off their work in a new ethanol video contest promotion.

Fuel the Change is a new site that allows would-be George Lucas' to create and upload videos that shows the benefits of ethanol. And the winner will earn $10,000 and a chance for the commercial to air during the Indy 500.

From the site:
Grab a camera and an idea. Tell us in less than 30 seconds how ethanol is a part of your life and how you're fueling American independence and a greener, cleaner future one tank at a time. We'll even provide you with a loaded toolbox to help you create your video.

You're invited to help Fuel The Change to a better environment, a better America, and a better earth. Create a 27 second video promoting the advantages of ethanol. How is ethanol a part of your life? How do you see ethanol making a difference in the environment? Or, describe your burning desire to drive Americans to use ethanol.

If you've created something original, with a powerful and effective message that promotes ethanol, you could be on your way to $10,000 and a potential airing during the coverage of one of the most watched sporting events of the year, the Indianapolis 500®!

Can't see the video, CLICK HERE to go to YouTube.


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