Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cornell Builds New Biofuels Research Lab

Cornell University biofuels research PimentelA new state-of-the art Biofuels Research Laboratory is being built at Cornell University.

Interestingly, Cornell is the home of one of the fiercest critics of ethanol, Dr. David Pimentel.

The $6 million lab is being constructed from a $10 million grant awarded to Larry Walker, Cornell professor of biological and environmental engineering, from the Empire State Development Corp.

The new lab will be shared by faculty and students across campus. Faculty members expected to work in the laboratories include Larry Walker, Beth Ahner, Norm Scott, David Wilson, Jim Gossett, Susan Henry, Harold Craighead and others involved in the biofuels research program at Cornell.

Biofuels research at Cornell is primarily supported by a $750,000 NYSTAR grant for biofuels research received in 2005, in addition to some monies from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Source: Cornell University

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